There is no game as beautiful as ABZU these days. The soundtrack and visual graphic become one into a beautiful game. Likely, this game focuses on next-level experiences for the gamers. The game does not only invite to see how beautiful the sea is, but also it inspires us to mesmerize our childlike feeling as the gamers. It is clearly stated through the game while we are playing the game intensely. For your information, this game is actually simple especially at the movements of the characters. But, the developer can make it richer and elegant somehow. That is why people rated this game as superb game in 2016.


If you are familiar enough with the Journey, ABZU is equally the same with that one. The character of this game is nameless but we are enjoying playing it for sure. It means that you do not have to know the name of the character. Moreover, the story of the game is also wordless. However, the campaign is pretty brief. You have to follow some instructions until the end of the game. Do not worry because this game offers modern adventure. In other words, you will face some combat during the game. Furthermore, the character will also in progression. In the game, you will be accompanied by robot buddies. They respond everything you click with some noises and flips.

More than A Campaign

Although you have to follow the campaign in ABZU, it does not mean you cannot explore the areas surrounding. There are plenty of creatures ranging from the small until the big one. They are hiding around you and hiding until the time is right. The best part is when you can meditate at particular places or statues. You will be allowed to be one of the animals on your areas and using their perspective. But, it does not give you any stats for your character. You just have a chance to observe and enjoy the game entirely. The ecosystem under the seas will always be interesting, right?


If you think that ABZU is an ocean-life simulator, you are absolutely wrong. In this game, you are like finishing the puzzles. Of course, it is combined with good action genre. The point is that you will be going deeper and deeper through the game without any narrative speakers. That is the uniqueness of this game so far after playing it around five until ten hours. We have to say this game is worth it to be played for filling your spare time.