For those of you who are looking for gadgets for home, there are a couple of products that you can have from devices that can handle your thermostat, lighting, or even crock pot from your smart phone. From Home Depot to Belking to GE, there are a couple of products that will help you in order to control your home through the application of Android or iOS. There are a couple o favorite gadgets for home that you can choose in order to have smart home system which will help you to do everything on your own terms. These are a couple of smart home systems and gadgets for home.

SmartThings from Samsung

For those of you who have a lot of smart gadgets for home, it is important for you to have a central system in order to control and integrate them all. Even though it has its drawback, Samsung SmartThings is one of the best gadgets that you can use for your home. This gadget works with a couple of devices and comes with a battery backup. And also, this technology will be integrated by Samsung into its 2016 4KTVs which means that you do not have to plug other gadget into your router.


Ecobee comes with a couple of futuristic things such as slick touch screen interface, but the best feature of this gadget is application that should be made by thermostat makers about a couple of year ago. This gadget can make sure all of the rooms in your house are getting cooled or heated properly. This gadget also comes with wireless sensor that is located in the room which stays chilly and the heat will be maintained by the thermostat until the room has been sensed that was warmed up enough. If you compare this gadget with its real competitors, the Ecobee3 also comes with the best overall feature set. And also this gadget also comes with the mobile application which is worked properly. The Ecobee3 is compatible with HomeKit from Apple and the Amazon Echo and also a couple of smart home systems. And also, by using this cool tech you can make sure that all of your rooms to get proper temperature. This is why this Ecobee3 is different from its competitors that are available in the market out there. So without further ado, if you want to have thermostat that can set the temperature properly, you have to choose Ecobee3.