Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review is remastered version released for iOS. This role playing game was initially released forty years ago developed by Beamdog that can be downloaded for $9.99. The game is similar to Dungeons & Dragons and Baldur’s Gate that involve hamlets, sorcery, swords, dice, taverns and heroes. It is more complicated than the more popular Diablo II.

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review For Graphic

The game’s graphics is a little bit worn out so it is more of functional feature you can expect. The game looks dated and do not expect to see advanced graphics or striking metal display qualities. Nostalgic aspect is the more focus of the game since functional is the most important thing in this Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review. Baldur’s Gate has more enhanced features that are carried over a bit to this game. You can feel the classic RPG game with its old graphic.

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review To Gameplay

Class roster is expanded which is positive aspect. This Icewind expansion has wider options for multi-classing. There are specific goals to choose due to the ability to build a specific team. This is what veteran players could choose to start. You can choose between Bard, melee, Mage, Thief, Paladin, and Kensai with their own traits and ability. The choice of your character is dictated by the way you fight. The Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review is really slow to play unlike most modern RPGs that only spend a few minutes to manage one quest. It takes hours to take on a quest from start to finish in the game. Main storyline quests especially represent this. Quest cannot be completed easily as you can only complete small pieces of at a time.

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review For Battle

You would also feel slow pace in battle. For most severe battle, you may have to heal and refresh spells between almost every battle by resting. If you do it in a safe area, you might attract enemies when resting. The difficulty is the main problem about the game play. It is pretty difficult game. Activating auto-game pausing is recommended to avoid losing party members and reloading most of the time. There is broad range of quests in the game and you will feel heroic experience on the serious danger your heroes face. Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Review suggests you to try and experiment with different group combination and lowering the difficulty.