Enhance gameplay and get useful guide for new user with this Ingress Tips and tricks. Ingress is location augmented reality game by Google for Android and iOS mobile devices. You are playing as agents of either the Enlightened or the Resistance that your objectives include upgrading, defending, capturing, and connecting portals. Your device is used to manage portals placed at real-world historic sites, paintings, landmark, and statues. Make sure you build and preserve a field connecting three portals successfully to make points for your party.


Ingress Tips 1: Always Keep Your Phone With You

This is the easiest Ingress Tips but people usually forget. You can make the most of your potential by taking your phone with you whenever you go out. Take your phone with you no matter you are going out for class, work, exercise, lunch, or only to take the dog out. You might stumble upon portals close by. It might useful at some point retrieving portal key by hacking it though you cannot hit and capture the portal due to lacking fire power.

Ingress Tips 2: Save Your Special Attacks

The most common weapon for universal attack and capturing portals is XMP Bursters most of the time but make sure you destroy Shield Mods and make important attacks using Ultra Strikes. Save those strikes if you want to attack hard since they are harder to get. Ultra strikes deal more damage though they have a smaller blast range than XMP Bursters. Ingress Tips recommend you to use Ultra Strikes for those special attacks such as destroying Shield Mods using a few strikes by standing directly at the center of a portal.

Ingress Tips 3: Drophacking

Some portals will need more than one key to create multi-layered Control Fields. But if there is already the key for that portal available in your inventory, the key will not be generated from that portal. If this is the problem, you have to do Drophacking. On the right top of the portal screen, there is the small key icon you can click before hacking a portal to drop keys. Keep doing this until there are no more keys left for that portal. Now start hacking to acquire new keys. Once you finish hacking, the keys that you have generated from the Ingress game map can be picked. Keep in mind when doing this Ingress Tips that there should not be enemies around since they may steal your keys while you are in the process of hacking.