Pokemon Go Trick

This Pokemon Go hack and trick will help you to catch some Pokemonwith very attractive and interesting ways. There is nothing more challenging than catching them all easily, right? This game forces the players to walk and travel to another place. However, not all people are too clever to do that, right? This article will give some information to do the hack or cheat. This phenomenal game should be defeated easier than you thought before. There are three current hacks that are presented in this post. There are more tricks and hack that we got recently. Just wait our next article to see more hacks.

Pokemon Go Hack And Trick:Parking Lots

This is nearly true and that is why we put this as one of our Pokemon Go hack and trick today. For some reasons, the Pokemon spawns are going crazy when you search them on the parking lots especially the area which is placed near the PokeStops. Based on our survey, the spawning of the Pokemon is influenced by the number of the phones in an area. In other words, more Pokemon will be spawned if the crowds are on peak level. It implies that the crowded place like parking lots will give more spawns for Pokemon. If you do not believe it, just try it by yourself.

Turning Off AR

By turning off the AR (augmented reality), it will give you more chance to catch the Pokemon. The reasons are meant to reduce the battery usage and also turn off the camera. But, it is such kind of wasteful because AR is one of the best features of this game. As a result, you can catch more Pokemon with less PokeBall by the way. As long as it gives you more Pokemon, it would be better if we turned off the AR. Moreover, you can also turn it back on if you switch the AR menu on your right screen. In other words, we can use AR when we feel bored, right? This Pokemon Go hack and trick is worth it to test.

Bonus Experience

We normally catch a Pokemon through a PokeBall. To catch it normally, we also throw or toss the ball directly to the Pokemon. But, you need to know that tossing the Poke Ball not in normal way will give you bonus experience if you caught the Pokemon. The most unique toss is called as curve the ball. By rolling the ball before you toss it, you can toss the ball in a curve way. Of course, you have to land the ball on their head or nose and must got the Pokemon in the end to get the bonuses. This Pokemon Go hack and trick is very easy to do.