Street Fighter 5 has been released on the computer and PlayStation 4 a couple of months ago. This game is probably one of the best fighting games since its previous version. For those of you who are reading this post, it means that you are ready to play this game and you will be better that ever. This article will help you on how to win the fight at Street Fighter 5 against your friends and a couple of other people online.

Do Not Jump

Jumping too often is the biggest mistake which new players make. You have to consider that there are a couple of examples that jumping is the perfect choice. If Ken sends a fireball at you from across the screen, it is better for you to neutral jump over the fireball. Meanwhile, if Ken is very close to you, he will make you jump over it so that you will be knocked out of the air by using Dragon Punch. All you have to do is blocking the fireball.

Take the Throw

It is important for you to know that defence is crucial in this Street Fighter 5. So blocking is important if you do not want to take damage. You have to think that this game is the perfect thing to take turns. When it is the time for your opponent to attack you, this is the perfect time for you to defend. After your opponent ends the attack, now it is your time to attack. You can get a couple of more details on the frame data on when to defend and when to attack. The bottom line is that you just have to block your opponent’s attack and wait to attack your opponent.

Working on Normal Attacks

In this Street Fighter 5 game it looks like new player only wants to do Dragon Punches and throw out fireballs without considering about the normal attacks. Normal attacks such as medium kick, light punch, and much more will bring you to your special moves in a couple of cases. A couple of them are better than others, but you will it different in every character that has a couple of normal attacks which you have to use more than anything else in their weapons. For those of you who love to play as Ken, a couple of his normal attacks are medium kick or standing light kick.