Are you one of iPhone users? Then, what is the best thing that you like in your iPhone? Is it the chatting applications? Is it the social media? Or is it the game? iPhone offers many video games that you can play. Most of them have incredible performance and enjoyable. You can simply play the games in your leisure time or you can commit yourself to one of the iPhone games. It is also great that the iPhone users can enjoy the similar video games that usually only can be played with game consoles. In a way, iPhone can be considered as a handheld game console, albeit its main function is as a smartphone. iPhone gives the users a chance to experience many video games and that comes up as one of the blessed things that can be felt by the iPhone users. Well, among the big collection of games in iPhone, there are surely some exceptional video games and these are usually considered as the most attractive games on iPhone.

  1. Limbo

The video game creates an eerie atmosphere and makes the player to experience a creepy atmosphere during the gameplay. This puzzle game displays such great graphics which deepen the spine-chilling moments in the game.

  1. Walking Dead

Based on the show of Walking Dead, the game is a tale of people survived in the zombie invasion. The game has a good storyline and the great graphics makes the game to be considered as one of the most attractive games on iPhone.

  1. Machinarium

It has a great graphics and that fact is enough to make you to play the game. For the people who love gaming, they can be awe with the many images in the play. It is also fortunate that the game complemented with the great plot, it can be the plus point for the game.

  1. Groove Coaster

If you love to play games which related with music, then Groove Coaster is the best choice. The game has a list of attractive songs and you need to match with the rhythm to get the best score. For some people, the game might remind them of StepMania. Well, it is sort of similar with that, except you can enjoy great graphics of the game.

Those are some of the most attractive games on iPhone. You can try them right ahead since some of them are free to download. You can also try to find another game because iPhone has many attractive games on it. Don’t worry, be playful!