Each of games has their own currency and that’s what you need in Township. Based on popular app store, this game has been download millions times. This information shows that Township is very popular and you need Township tips to play better. Main objective of this game is to create prosperous city. To such job, you need cash, coins, and gold. Of course, several matters also involve that can’s be ignore.



  1. Collect coins from farming

Players cannot build housing without material. Al of them should start from basic and farming is the simplest way to collect coin. The first thing in Township tips is to collect coin from framing. You need to know which crop generates more coins or not. However, farming is not as simple as you think. Crops with high potential require utmost care. Players should add fertilizer and water regularly. On the other side, easy crop will be ready fast, but less coins. In this matter, farming should be divided into some areas. One place for easy crop and the rest is for high result.

  1. Expand city

Farming is not enough to get cash. You should remember that city needs many building which require more area. To expand city, you can build factory that produce material. In this situation, civilians come to work and stay. City also requires housing. Moreover, prosperous city uses various kind of source to generate income. That is real deal of Township tips. This game lets players to make strategy how to expand city efficiently. You cannot waste much time and cash for unnecessary stuffs. Focus everything on main objective.

  1. Maintain good relationship

Another side about Township is social relationship. Player is able to contact and communicate with other. You may visit their city then see potential stuff for trading. In social relationship, you also find interesting thing such as Township hack. Since long time ago, hacking tool was still controversial object. Player wants to reach top level with easy way and hack is excellent answer. Communication also helps to extend your city.

  1. Trading

As mentioned above, trading is the key to get resources from outside. City cannot build or create everything. You only create necessary product at recent time. However, some materials might be needed, though not much. Instead of producing on your own, it is better to get from another city, that’s reason why you should maintain communication. Trading is one of important thing in Township tips. It is similar to real life when city or country import and export products.